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Renew Crew

There is nothing better than enjoying time with family and friends out on your deck. However, as time goes on the deck that has seen the kids grow up and hosted countless birthday parties is beginning to show it’s age like the one below.

Before Renew Crew Clean

The key to maintaining the life of your deck is through proper cleaning and staining. Over time your deck is worn down by things like mildew, mold and dirt. These things build up on the surface of the deck and can slowly begin to deteriorate your sealant, which means with each passing year, goes another layer of protection.

When you power clean your deck, it gives it the deep cleaning the wood needs. Follow up with a quality sealant and you are protecting your deck from the normal wear and tear of everyday use, as well as from potential water damage and harmful UV rays. This after picture shows the difference a Renew Crew restoration can make.

After Renew Crew Clean

If you don’t know how to utilize these methods properly then you can actually cause more damage and ruin the wood decking. Over the past 20 years we have worked with chemists in order to perfect our exclusive process, which is a 3-step deck cleaning and deck sealing process.

The Renew Crew Clean

We have perfected our exclusive 3-Step Process to preserve your deck. Here’s how our system works:

  • Our proprietary foam softens the grey wood fibers so that it allows for easy rinsing.
  • Because the foam clings to the surface, it soaks deep into the wood and emulsifies and gently lifts away the dirt.
  • Since our process is environmentally friendly and does not contain any chlorine, it kills mold and mildew yet does not harm your landscaping or bleach your wood.
  • Our formula blocks UV rays and is made from a polymer mix that will penetrate deep into the wood giving it a long lasting seal that protects it from the elements.
  • Our sealant will help prevent excessive buildup of dirt and mold. This means fewer cleanings, and a longer lasting deck.

Bring Your Deck Back to Life

In Topeka, wood cleaning is now easier than ever. Your deck can look new again when our 3-step process safely removes years of dirt and grime. You can revive an old deck and make it pop back to life. Contact us today to get a free estimate on how our system can save your deck.

Renew Crew of Topeka/Lawrence

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