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In Topeka, cedar homes are a thing of beauty. That’s because Topeka log homes are made to withstand years of weather damage. However as with anything, over time, even the wood of the finest log homes can diminish.

Topeka Log Home – Renew Crew Clean

It’s Time for a Deep Cleaning

Your cedar or log home needs protection from the elements. Many homeowners will pressure wash their homes themselves but are horrified when they notice that instead of reviving the wood they have now created gouges in the wood.
That’s where Renew Crew saves you a headache. We feature a foam cleaner that is made from a proprietary blend so it clings to the surface and reaches deep down into the pores of the wood so that the dirt and mold is loosened. It can then be easily washed away with a controlled pressure washing that will actually save the outside of your home instead of ruining it.

No Grey, No Green, No Chlorine Bleach

If you don’t clean the wood of your home properly you risk damaging it. If a chlorine based solution is used it can actually change the pH balance in the wood, bleaching it and causing to lose its natural sheen. The chlorine can also damage the surrounding landscape of your home. Our solution is chlorine-free and will safely remove mold and mildew. It’s like giving your deck a face lift so that you can see the natural beauty lying underneath.

Seal in the Natural Beauty of Your Wood

With our system your home will be protected with a semitransparent sealant that will let the natural beauty shine through. Often the mistake of using transparent and opaque sealants can end up harming the look of the wood. With Renew Crew, the look of your wood is preserved while our system blocks the damaging UV rays of the sun and gives you the longest lasting protection possible.

Renew Crew of Topeka/Lawrence

Matt McPherson and Bret Sanford

401 N 2100 Rd Lecompton, Kansas 66050


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